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Company profile

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Company profile

  JingzhouYongjiaChemical Company Limited was established in Septemberof 1996, located in the east of Jinzhoucity Liaoning province.
  JingzhouYongjiaChemical Company Limited is fine chemical enterprise, focus on power capacitor insulating oil, carbonless copy paper pressure-sensitive dyes solvent oil and high-temperature heat-conducting oil. Main products include Phenyl XylylEthane(PXE), phenyl ethyl phenyl ethane (PEPE), mono/dibenzyl toluene insulating oil(M/DBT), carbonless copy paper pressure-sensitive dyes solvent oil (LRC-201), high-temperature heat-conducting oil (DBT) etc..The company has become a chemical enterprise, which has the largest production capacity of diphenylethane and mono/dibenzyl toluene in China.
  In 2001, the company’s products carbonless pressure-sensitive dyes solvent oil (LRC-201)through the German Bayer company identification and recognition, and be exported to Japan, Thailand, Korea, Brazil, Indonesia, Taiwan and other countries and regions, of which exports to Japan since 2007, from annual 600 tons at the beginning growth to the current over 1,200 tons.In 2010,another company main product mono/dibenzyl toluene insulating oil(M/DBT)became thepower capacitor manufacturing enterprises that have won the bidding in China State Grid Corp and Southern Power Grid Corp key projectdesignated procurement products.Our company’s mono/dibenzyl toluene insulating oilcurrentmarket share is 60% or so, ranking first in the domestic industry.
  Focused on new products and new technologies, our company carries out the scientific research cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai institute of organic chemistry,in Research Institute of chemical science and technology, Bohai University, Liaoning province Petrochemical Career Technical College and other research institutes.We achieve remarkable economic and social benefits.
  The employees insist “ultimate challenge, striving for perfection”, which is the spirit of enterprise,with hard working create a superior performance. In April 2002 pass through the ISO9001 international quality standard system certification, in July 2010 pass through the ISO14001 occupational health and safety management systemcertification and environmental management system certification. 
  In the intense market competition, today Yongjiahas become the best and most powerful enterprise. Company adheres to the policy of “quality of survival, to the credibility of development”, constantly develop new products and new markets. Jinzhou YongjiaChemical co. LTD. is willing to cooperate with you for future development.

Hotline: 0416-4689955


地 址:遼寧省錦州市凌河區百官里25號

產品推薦:芐基甲苯 | 芐基甲苯絕緣油 | 二芳基乙烷 | 二芳基乙烷絕緣油 | 絕緣油 | 高壓絕緣油

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